Tuesday, May 19, 2015

FREE Webinars from the BWC on the new Prospective Billing

FREE prospective billing webinars for private employers

Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation is now offering webinars that explain their upcoming transition to the industry standard of prospective billing for employer premiums. They are offering these FREE webinars for private employers to provide answers and details about prospective billing, including:
  • The reason for the transition and its benefits to employers;
  • How BWC will cover the costs of this change with a transition credit;
  • Transition timelines and important dates to remember;
  • Essential information and new requirements for payroll reporting;
  • Changes to deadlines for rating plans and BWC programs.
Find out how the switch to prospective billing will impact your business without having to leave the office!
Who should sign up?
  • Financial controllers and payroll officers
  • Human resources professionals
  • Business owners and chief executive officers
  • Certified public accountants
  • Workplace safety and/or risk managers
Register today for one of the many webinars and learn more by clicking this link below:

Monday, May 11, 2015

Community Leadership of Licking County

Community Leadership of Licking County

Have you ever wondered what you are good at?  Really good at?  If you child brought home their report card which had all A's and one D, which subjects would you focus on?  Most of us would say the D, of course.  But after taking the Strengths Finder assessment and courses, I now think differently.  What are your strengths?  Do you know how to use them at home and at work?  Are you aware of the strengths of those around you?  These are just some of the things you will become aware of through our Community Leadership Program. 

On May 8th, 25 individuals graduated from the program, which was started back in 1982.  The program has produced over 800+ community leaders and supporters over the years.  The group meets one day a month from September through May.

The program is designed to encourage and discover leadership qualities in every participant during the morning sessions.  Many different speakers and interactive topics are presented.  The afternoons are filled with discovering all the wonderful assets Licking County has to offer.  The class travels around the county, focusing on seven areas:  Economic Development; Travel & Tourism; Health & Social Services; Government; Law & Justice; Business & Industry and Education. 

We are now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 class.  The program is open to anyone who would like to learn more about their community and themselves.  The class size is limited to 25 people and typically fills up quickly.  If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me at 740-345-9757 x5 or chottinger@lickingcountychamber.com.

I would like to congratulate the following graduates from the 2014-2015 class:  Mike Birkmeyer with Madison-Collins-Stephens Agency; Suzanne Bressoud with The Works; Denise Natoli Brooks with Licking County Soil and Water Conservation District; Larry Brooks with the Hebron Police Department; Trisha Clark with TrueCore Federal Credit Union; Stephanie DeBevoise with the Licking County ESC/Newark City Schools; Megan Evans with the Licking County Foundation; Joshua Filler with The Energy Cooperative; Patrick Frankhart with Licking Memorial Health Systems; Jonathan Gatten with Tectum, Inc.; Lisa Hayes with Licking Memorial Hospital; Cher Jackson with The Boeing Company; David Link with Bayer MaterialScience; Kari Matheny with Licking County Job & Family Services; Nicki Mayabb with First Federal Savings; Sharon Mills with MedBen; Jerry Newton with Licking County Planning; Jessica Pickering with Fifth Third Bank; Matt Reed with State Industrial Products; Cyndi Schmitt with the Licking County Aging Program; Troy Smith with State Industrial Products; Melissa Spain with Park National Bank; Courtney Van Ostran with Jobes Henderson & Associates, Inc. and Brian Wilfong with C-TEC.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Licking County Safety Council Among Top in State

Once again, the Licking County Safety Council took one of the top prizes yesterday at the Safety Council Managers Meeting.  

Vicky Crist, pictured here, brought home the hardware, receiving the 2014 Third Place Award out of 83 Safety Councils across the state.

The Licking County Safety Council has 165 members and are lead by the following Steering Committee/Officers:
  • Jerry Armstrong, Owens Corning Science & Technology Center
  • Rhonda Church, Ohio BWC
  • Michael Coates, Ohio BWC
  • Vicky Crist, Licking County Chamber of Commerce
  • Louise Decker, Licking County Board of DD
  • Jan Downey, Signature Occupational Health
  • Jerry Frazee, Sunfield
  • John Lutz, Newark Digital Academy
  • Steve Melroy, Tectum Inc.
  • Ed Nutter, City of Newark
  • Mary Lou Rauch, Bayer MaterialScience

Minimum eligibility requirements for consideration:
  •  Representation at previous year’s annual safety council managers conference
  •  Host at least 12 meetings and/or special events
  •  Average meeting attendance of 80% of membership* or higher
  •  Submission of previous year semi-annual reports* by more than 75% of membership
*Membership count and submission of semi‐annual reports as of mid‐February

After minimum eligibility requirements are met, safety councils in the highest attendance percentage percentile become finalists for the award. Finalists are invited to submit an annual summary of highlights for consideration in the scoring process. Submission of this summary is optional and is not a pre-requisite to earn an award.

The ‘Safety Council of the Year’ award is evaluated in two components:
  • Member participation / quantitative
  • Safety council performance / qualitative
1. Member participation (0-60 points)
  • Safety council’s attendance percentage is ranked in comparison to that of all other safety councils based on a percentile range
  • Growth in meeting attendance (0 or 3 points)
  • Growth in membership from previous year (0 or 3 points)
  • Retention of same number of members from previous year (0 or 3 points)
2. Safety council performance (0-40 points)
  • Number of meetings and/or special events (0-5 point scale)
  • Reporting accuracy and timeliness (0-5 point scale)
  • Monthly meeting evaluations and sign in sheets and data entry of semi-annual report data
  • Communication (0-15 point scale)
  • Meeting notice criteria met, newsletter, effective use of website, use of e-mail, promotion of occupational safety and health issues to general business community, promotion of BWC services, partnering with other safety councils, brochures, etc.
  • Special events (0-10 point scale)
  • Seminars, safety day, exhibits, CEO event, etc.
  • Extracurricular (0-5 point scale)
  • Scholarships, civic activities, business expo involvement, charitable contributions to community safety, etc.
Congratulations, once again, for making Licking County proud!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Interested in traveling with us in 2016?


The Licking County Chamber has hosted five trips around the world since 2011.  We have traveled to China, Italy, Ireland, Cuba and Spain with close to 300 people.

In planning our trip for 2016, we are looking for some input.  Please take this 2-question survey to help us determine our next location!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Showing Up

Below is a great post written by Kenny McDonald, CEO of Columbus 2020.  We are all guilty of just sending an email instead of making that face-to-face visit.

There is no substitute for face-to-face reporting and research.
-Thomas Friedman

Face to Face
Who are your very best customers? Who are your very best prospects? When was the last time you went to see them and sat down to discuss their business?

There are so many reasons to not take the time to meet face to face. Technology makes it easy to email, or text, or have a web conference. Technology is great and it has a place. But, it does not replace what you can gain by showing up. This Harvard Business Review article reminded me of that.

First, clients care that you take the time and effort to come to them and have a discussion. It shows you value their time and relationship, and shows you are willing to learn more about their operations. Second, you learn things when you are face to face that you cannot learn any other way. You can see the client in their home environment, check out their facility, see the people who work there, and experience the company culture. You’ll better uncover opportunities and you’ll be able to provide more meaningful proposals.

Who will you go see first?
-Kenny McDonald